Directions to Looking Back, Marching Forward Tree Planting Site (star on map)

The March Route is as follows: from Temple Sinai main entrance, left on Forbes, right onto Wightman, right on Bartlett, crossing Panther Hollow Rd./Hobart, to gather for the Tree Planting on the grass on Greenfield Rd on the right, between Panther Hollow Road and Overlook Drive.


There is LIMITED ON-STREET PARKING (See P on map), which you must obey. There is no designated handicapped parking, and the parking on Overlook Dr. abuts grass. There will be a handful of chairs for those who must sit.


We encourage people who are driving to consolidate into as few cars as possible, as
well as help those who do not have transportation by Carpooling.
To facilitate this, after the marchers have exited, please go to the Conference Room in the Temple, and discuss with each other sharing rides to the tree planting site.



Pittsburgh Public Safety will provide a “rolling route closure,” with official vehicles in front of and following the March. Keep this in mind as you leave in your vehicle. As such, it is recommended that you drive up Forbes to Murray Ave., make a right onto Murray, then a right onto Beacon and follow it into the Park, making a right onto Hobart St.. If the March has not yet arrived, you can turn RIGHT onto Bartlett, go a short way, and then turn around and park on the opposite side, next to the shelter/playground if there are spots available. Parking is only on that side of Bartlett Street. Otherwise, from Hobart make a left onto Greenfield/Bartlett and then a right onto Overlook Dr. and park on either side, as signs permit.


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