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Weekly Candidate Focus:

Congressional Candidates for PA-17 

This is a very competitive race with clear differences between candidates on gun safety legislation. 


Conor Lamb (incumbent, D): 

*Supports Universal Background Checks - Voted for H.R.8 in February 2019.

*Supports Extreme Risk Protection Orders - CoSponsor of H.R.1236. 

*Has not co-sponsored either an assault weapons ban or ban on high capacity magazines. 

Sean Parnell (challenger, R):

Parnell opposes all new gun laws and has no plan to address gun violence on his website.  He frames the issue under the title 'protect our second amendment right'. His website states: “…The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed…” I will fight like hell to protect the right to keep and bear arms, and I reject the notion that society is somehow guilty because a criminal commits a crime. We do not need more gun control laws." 

He tweets (August 11, 2019, in response to a discussion on assault weapons): "The second amendment exists in part because of idiots like this, who advocate that the government go to your door, kick it down, cuss you out, call you names, violate your Constitutionally protected rights, & steal your property."

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