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Call your State Representative and THANK THEM for voting yes on at least one of the three good gun safety bills (HB714, HB338, HB1018)!!!

How did my representative vote?


If you are represented by a Democrat - they ALL voted YES (except Frank Burns)

Call and say THANK YOU!!!

If you are in SW PA and are represented by any of the following Republicans - they voted yes on the ERPO bill and NO on the others.

Valerie Gaydos        Rob Mercuri      Natalie Mihalek      

Please call and thank them for the yes vote - and make sure they know they should have voted yes on ALL the bills.


Are you represented by another Republican or by Frank Burns?

Call and tell them how disappointed and angry you are. Let them know that you will remember next November (2024).


Find your representative here


What Happened?

On May 22, the PA State House passed TWO gun safety bills - HB 714 (Universal Background Checks) and HB 1018 (Extreme Risk Protection Orders, red flag law). A bill (HB338) requiring mandatory reporting of lost & stolen guns was defeated by a single vote. A fourth bill (HB731) requiring safe storage of firearms was not brought up for a final vote.


What's Next?

The Background Checks bill (HB714) and the ERPO bill (HB1018) advance to the State Senate, where they will be assigned to a committee. State tuned for how to take action once we learn where the bills are headed.


We are also looking into what is next for the safe storage bill.

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