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Lissa Geiger Shulman - Candidate for HD-30

Lissa Geiger Shulman is a gun safety advocate running

for State House Representative in PA House District 30. 

HD-30 is located in the North Hills of Pittsburgh and

includes Fox Chapel Borough, Hampton Township,

O'Hara Township (part), Richland Township (part) and

Shaler Township (wards 2-7). 

This is a VERY FLIPPABLE district that a gun safety candidate can WIN! 



Read Lissa Geiger Shulman's response to our candidate survey below.



1. Do you support universal background checks, specifically SB88/HB673? Why or why not? 

Yes, I support universal background checks and would vote in favor of HB673/SB88. Loopholes for firearms purchases at gun shows should be eliminated.


2. Do you support extreme risk protection orders (red flag laws), specifically SB90/HB1075? Why or why not? 

I support Extreme Risk Protection Orders and would vote in favor of HB1075/SB90. Data from the 13 other states with these regulations show that ERPOs save lives. Furthermore, the legislation provides due process in front of a judge to ensure a balanced approach to maintaining second amendment rights while providing a tool to families, law enforcement, and medical professionals who are concerned with saving lives.


3.  Do you support support a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines, specifically HB307?  Why or why not? 

I support legislation that restricts automatic and semi-automatic weapons, along with high-capacity magazines. However, I am not convinced that HB307 is written in a way that would win the support of gun owners. I do not believe that we need to create a new class of weapons or definition of “assault weapon” in order to restrict access to the most deadly firearms which have frequently been used in mass shootings. I would focus on building consensus around limiting access to specific weapon types and features rather than engaging in what would likely be a politically-charged, partisan battle over the terminology contained in this bill.

4. Do you support the expansion of firearms preemption, specifically SB531/HB1066? Why or why not?

I believe in a reasonable amount of local control, especially in large municipalities within our state. I do recognize that because of the number of small municipalities and geographies, preemption helps to maintain consistency for travelers, visitors, and Commonwealth residents. At the same time, our state government has shirked its responsibility to regulate firearms and keep residents safe. In the absence of state laws and regulation by Harrisburg, it is understandable that municipalities want to implement their own more restrictive legislation. I will not support preemption expansion until our state regulations more appropriately regulate firearm sales and possession.


5. What else would you like to let voters know about your stance on firearms legislation? 

As a mother of children who attend child care down the street from Tree of Life, a member of the Jewish community, a friend to New Light Congregation worshipers, and the spouse of an emergency physician called in to work on the day of the Tree of Life shooting, I was personally affected by the events of October 27, 2018. My children, ages 2 and 4, now are practicing secure in place drills where my two year old is locked in a closet with her 4 teachers and 12 other 2 year olds. My four year old has to practice being quiet with the lights off and hiding in his classroom. I do not know how to explain to my children why these drills are necessary. For the last year, my family and I have been greeted by armed security when we attend worship services, and my children believe this is a normal part of going to synagogue. More trained security and more firearms are not the future I want to live in. Government can do better and must do better to keep our children, families, and communities safe from gun violence. We need leaders who will avoid partisan rhetoric and work together to pass legislation that is supported by a majority of the public, gun owners included.

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