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Specifics to the Common Agenda to End Gun Violence Letters to the Editor campaign:

1. This is a TIME SENSITIVE CAMPAIGN - submit your letter before May 19!

2. Specific talking points and additional pointers can be found here.


Why write Letters To The Editor?


  1. People in your community read them - this includes people of all parties and opinions.

  2. Legislators read them - they are a very effective way to reach your legislator.

  3. They are free.


How to write an effective Letter to the Editor:


  1. Identify what paper you want to submit to and READ their instructions thoroughly. DO NOT EXCEED THE ALLOWED WORD COUNT. Go to the paper’s website and there will be instruction on writing letters - generally in the ‘opinion’ section.

  2. Write about a current issue - respond to a letter in the paper, issue currently in the news, legislation currently being debated. It is perfectly fine to say something like ‘the trial of the shooter the October 27, 2018  synagogue shooting at my synagogue/in my neighborhood/in my city has recently begun and …’ 

  3. Put your reason for writing in the first sentence.

  4. Make 1 or 2 key points. Short, to the point, strongly worded.

  5. Make it PERSONAL. Tell your story and how the topic impacts you. You do not need to be a direct survivor to have a powerful personal story. If you are a member of the three Tree of Life congregations, include that. If you live in Squirrel Hill include that. If your child faces increased security measures and is scared to go to school you can include that. If you live in a neighborhood which faces daily gun violence which nobody is paying attention to you can include that. 

  6. Include your full name and contact information. You may be contacted to verify your identity before the letter is published.

Submit Your Letter:

  1. Pittsburgh Post Gazette

  2. TribLive

  3. Pennsylvania Capital Star

  4. The Jewish Chronicle

  5. Pittsburgh Current

  6. PennLive

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