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Michele Knoll - Candidate for HD-44

1. Do you support universal background checks, specifically SB88/HB673? Why or why not? *

Yes. As an educator, I must have clearances to teach and pass stringent background checks. It is completely reasonable to require universal background checks for someone bearing firearms.


2. Do you support extreme risk protection orders (red flag laws), specifically SB90/HB1075? Why or why not? *

Yes. Women and children loose their lives every day when abusive members of their family has a firearm in their possession. Possessing a firearm when a person is at risk for taking their own life, has proven to increase the likelihood of death by suicide with a firearm which is almost always fatal.

3. A. Do you support support a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines, specifically HB307 (if you are a candidate for State House)? Why or why not? *

Yes. These are weapons of war.There is no need for any of these to be used by the average citizen.

4. Do you support the expansion of firearms preemption, specifically SB531/HB1066? Why or why not? *

No. HB1066 will allow outside groups to sue local communities that wish to require more regulation than the State , which is already illegal according to State law, and then have the local community to pay for court costs if the community looses, which they will since PA law states they can't pass firearm laws.

5. What else would you like to let voters know about your stance on firearms legislation? *

I do not propose taking all guns away from responsible adults who may wish to hunt or use a firearm at a range. Reasonable legislation addressing universal background checks, extreme risk protection orders, and safe storage regulation should reduce accidents, suicides, and violent crimes.

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