Emily Skopov - Candidate for PA HD-28 





1. Do you support universal background checks, specifically SB88/HB673? Why or why not? *

Yes. Background checks are the bare minimum that we should be doing for gun violence prevention in Pennsylvania.


2. Do you support extreme risk protection orders (red flag laws), specifically SB90/HB1075? Why or why not? *

ERPOs are an obvious and important part of common sense gun reform, and overall I am in support of HB1075. However I do not believe we should be dismissive of the concerns of mental health advocates or of those fighting for criminal justice reform. It's important that when we write legislation that takes away a citizen's rights - even when absolutely justified - that we be nuanced, thoughtful and responsible so as not to inequitably punish already vulnerable populations.


3. A. Do you support support a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines, specifically HB307 (if you are a candidate for State House)? Why or why not? *

Yes. We know that these types of weapons, frequently used in tandem with high capacity magazines have enabled mass shooters to inflict more harm, to more people, in shorter amounts of time.


4. Do you support the expansion of firearms preemption, specifically SB531/HB1066? Why or why not? *

No. In a state as large and diverse as Pennsylvania, municipalities need to have more latitude in determining what policies will work best for their citizens.


5. What else would you like to let voters know about your stance on firearms legislation? *

We can make our communities safer while respecting the 2nd Amendment though long overdue, common sense reforms supported by the majority of Pennsylvanians, including gun owners.


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