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Monday, February 10 - Tuesday February 11, 2020

For far too long Rob Kauffman, the Judiciary Chair, has prevented ANY good gun legislation from moving forward in the PA State House. Speaker of the House Mike Turzai can change that. Help us TELL TURZAI that we need EXTREME RISK PROTECTION ORDERS (ERPO, previously known as red flag laws) and UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS. NOW!!!
Download and print one of the images below on bright yellow paper (if you don't have colored paper, white is ok), add your name, address and (if you wish) a personal note about why gun violence legislation is important to you. Put in an envelope, address to:

Speaker Mike Turzai
125 Hillvue Ln #1
 Pittsburgh, PA 15237


and mail to ARRIVE on FEBRUARY 14. Don't forget to include your return address showing you are a PA constituent.


February 14 will be ONE FULL YEAR that the ERPO bill (HB1075) has been sitting in the state legislature gathering dust and TWO FULL YEARS since the Parkland massacre. THAT IS WAY TOO LONG!








To download, select the image you want, click the 'download image' button. When the image opens in a new window, hover over it with your cursor, select 'options' (bottom right)  and select 'download'. Then print normally.

You can also print from the Facebook event, plus RSVP to let us know you are participating.


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