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February 14, 2020

Public Event - Tell Mike Turzai: Stop Gun Suicides - Call in Day

12:30 AM - 5 PM

All over Pennsylvania

No single person should be able to OBSTRUCT the will of over 80% of Pennsylvanians. And yet Rob Kauffman, the Judiciary Chair, has prevented ANY good gun legislation from moving forward in the PA State House. Speaker of the House Mike Turzai can change that. Help us TELL TURZAI that we need EXTREME RISK PROTECTION ORDERS (ERPO, previously known as red flag laws) and UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS. NOW!!!


On FEBRUARY 14, CALL Representative Turzai's offices (numbers below) and tell him that he needs to get Rob Kauffman to STOP OBSTRUCTING and MOVE these bills. Tell him that you (and over 80% of Pennsylvanians) support ERPOs (extreme risk protection orders, previously called red flag laws, HB 1075) and universal background checks (HB 673).


District office
phone (412) 369-2230
fax  (412) 369-2236


Harrisburg office
phone (717) 772-9943
fax (717) 772-2470


(You will probably reach an answering machine, not a live person, so make sure to leave a message including your name and zip code). 

Read more about the extreme risk protection order (ERPO) bill (HB1075) here.

You can RSVP to the Facebook event here and let us know you are participating.

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