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June 23, 2022


Gunfight Book Talk with author Ryan Busse

In partnership with Giffords, Gun Owners for Safety, the Center that CARES, Keystone Progress, and Squirrel Hill Stands Against Gun Violence we hosted a book talk and Q&A with former gun industry executive and current Giffords Senior Advisor, Ryan Busse.

Ryan Busse is a former firearms executive who helped build one of the world’s most iconic gun companies and the author of the book "Gunfight: My Battle Against the Industry that Radicalized America." The book is an insider’s call-out of a wild, secretive, and critically important industry. It shows us how America's gun industry shifted from prioritizing safety and ethics to one that is addicted to fear, conspiracy, intolerance, and secrecy.


Ryan took some great questions addressing strategy to move gun reform forwards despite the continued opposition of the gun industry. He sees signs among the many gun owners he knows and encounters in his work that the needle is moving after the shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde. 


October 20, 2021

October 24, 2021

Commemoration Through Action: How to Advocate for Gun Safety Reform

In loving memory of Dr. Jerry Rabinowitz

Offered as part of the 2021 Days of Service, in Commemoration of the October 27, 2021 massacre at the Tree of Life Synagogue.

All of us heal differently. For those whose healing journey includes working to improve our gun laws, we held a virtual workshop, in partnership with CeaseFirePA, to teach participants how to become an effective advocate for common sense gun policies. The training covered the nature of gun violence; local, regional, and national trends; existing firearm policy in PA; current firearm-related legislative and policy issues; the legislative process in Harrisburg; and how to engage legislators and others in the gun violence prevention movement.


October 14, 2021


The Crisis of Gun Violence in our Neighborhoods: A Virtual Panel Discussion


We face a crisis of gun suicide, domestic violence and community violence. What are the issues? What role do guns play? WHAT CAN BE DONE TO STEM THE TIDE? We hosted a panel discussion where we considered this crisis and possible solutions, both legislative and non-legislative.


State Representative Nick Pisciottano, (PA-38)
State Representative Austin Davis (PA-35)

Richard Garland, Behavioral and Community Health Sciences (U. of


Nicole Molinaro, President/CEO Women's Center and Shelter


Dana Kellerman, Policy Director, Squirrel Hill Stands Against Gun Violence

October 14, 2021

Stand Against Teen Gun Violence: A Virtual Panel Discussion


Gun violence continues to surge in Pittsburgh and teens are in the crosshairs. "One third of the city's 41 homicides are teens." What are the driving factors behind the recent shooting surge? How are teens gaining such easy access to weapons? And what can be done to stem the violence? On October 14, 2021 we held a virtual panel discussion of Zoom to address these questions. Panelists included: Sala Udin, Former Pittsburgh City Councilman and School Board Member; Lavonnie Bickerstaff, Assistant Police Chief, City of Pittsburgh; Tina Ford, Founder of Mothers of Murdered Sons (MOMS); Alison Shih, Everytown Legal Counsel, North East. This event is co-sponsored by: Black Women for Positive Change, Moms Demand Action/Everytown, Squirrel Hill Stands Against Gun Violence, and CeaseFirePA. This event was held in support of Black Women for Positive Change's Month of Families, Opportunities and Non-Violence.


March 23, 2021

Virtual Lobby Day for Gun Safety

Virtual Event 

Ceasefire PA, Squirrel Hill Stands Against Gun Violence, state and community partners

On March 23rd, citizens, survivors, faith leaders, violence intervention groups, and numerous other organizations  gathered for the first ever statewide, virtual advocacy day. More than 350 volunteers participated in 450 hours of Zoom meetings with legislators. The event also included trainings, background on key issues, and a rally The pandemic has halted in person advocacy, but our commitment together to end gun violence together is stronger than every. We advocated for:

  • Extreme Risk Protection Orders: these will create a legal process for family members or law enforcement to temporarily remove access to guns if someone is at risk of harming themselves or others. 
  • Mandatory reporting of lost or stolen firearms: this will crackdown on a major source of guns used in violent crimes: loss, theft, and straw purchasers – people who buy guns and then sell them illegally to people who can’t buy them on their own.

  • Universal Background Checks will insure every gun buyer has a background check. Currently, people can buy long guns, including rifles, shotguns and semi-automatic military-style rifles without one if sold by a private citizen.

  • Defending existing gun violence prevention policies and pushing for more funding for community violence intervention programs.


In Remembrance:

Honoring the Lives Lost to Gun Violence

Stand Against Teen Gun Violence
Crisis of Gun Violence in Neighborhoods
Gun Safety Reform Commemorative
Crisis of Gun Violence
Gunfight Talk
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