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Catching up on Squirrel Hill Stands Against Gun Violence.

Members of Squirrel Hill Stands Against Gun Violence have been busy over the last month. We have met with State Senator Jay Costa and participated in a Harrisburg Lobby day with Ceasefire PA and Moms Demand Action on Gun Sense in America. We are also preparing for two major events: Looking Back, Marching Forward on April 28 and Team26 Rides to Pittsburgh on May 2. We hope you will join us for both.

On April 1 we met with State Senator Costa who represents Squirrel Hill. Senator Costa is a co-sponsor of bills on comprehensive background checks (SB-88), extreme risk protection orders (ERPOs, SB - 90 and SB-293) and a bill banning high capacity magazines and assault style weapons (SB -292). He is also sponsoring additional bills on safe storage of firearms and lost and stolen reporting. We thanked the Senator for his leadership on the issues.

On April 8 we joined Ceasefire PA and Moms Demand Action for a lobby day supporting Senator Tom Killion's (R - S.D.9) bill on ERPOs (SB - 90). We also met House members and their staffs to urge support of Tom Stephens's (R - HD - 151) ERPO bill (HB - 1075). We met with Representatives Dan Frankel (HD - 23), Ed Gainey (HD - 24), Sara Innamorato (HD - 21), Movita Johnson-Harrell (HD - 190), Anita Kulik (HD - 45) and staff for Speaker Mike Turzai (HD - 28). All in all, a very productive day.



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