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The Clergy Council hosts a Vigil to End the Slaughter of Our Children.

On Thursday, the Clergy Council of Squirrel Hill Stands Against Gun Violence hosted a prayer vigil to end the slaughter of our children. The event was held at the Jeron X Grayson Center and opened with a welcome and opening prayer from Rev. Glenn Grayson. The event included moving testimony from multiple speakers including Rabbi Jonathan Pearlman, Rev. Eileen Smith, Dr. Toya Jones, Terrel Thomas, and Tia Baker. Carolyn Ban lit memorial candles and the names of the victims of gun violence in Allegheny County in 2023 were read by Sister Sarah Crotty, Reverend John Welch, Rabbi Doris Dyen, and Carolyn Ban. Bishop Michael Golphin gave the call to action and closing prayer. Music was provided by the Deliverance Baptist Choir. We are grateful to all of the speakers and to those who attended.

You can see coverage of the event here, here, and here.



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