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Catching up with Legislator Meetings - What have we been doing?

We have been busy meeting with legislators, but less busy letting you all know about it. We meet with legislators to move them to support gun safety legislation, but also to work on strategy with our allies and to coordinate on additional actions, such as in district gun safety events and letter to the editor and Op Ed pieces.

Members of Squirrel Hill Stands Against Gun Violence, including constituents of all the legislators have met with:

Senator Bob Casey

Senator Casey is a strong ally on gun safety and we discussed strategy for moving forward on a comprehensive background checks bill. S.529/HR.8 would require a background check for every firearm purchased, closing the 'gun show' loophole and requiring a background check for gun show, private, and internet sales. The bills faces stiff opposition in the Senate and we will be working hard to help move it forward. We plan to touch base with Senator Casey's office regularly.

State Senator Jay Costa

Sen. Costa is an ally and a leader on the gun safety issue. He has committed to writing an Op Ed piece to keep the issue in the public eye.

State Representative Dan Frankel

Rep. Frankel is also a strong ally on gun safety. We discussed what might be possible in the State House, given the current anti-gun safety majority. Rep. Frankel is hopeful for the passage of a funding bill establishing grants for gun violence prevention/intervention (HB696) as well as possible movement on background checks or extreme risk protection orders (ERPOs). Realistically, these will be a heavy lift but we are in this for the long haul.

State Representative Nick Pisciottano

Rep. Pisciottano is a freshman state representative in a purple district. He favors gun safety legislation but we can help by continuing to demonstrate constituent support for the issue. He has committed to host an in district event which will likely take place this summer.

State Representative Emily Kinkead

Freshman Rep. Kinkead is already a strong ally on gun safety. She is hosting a virtual event in cooperation with Rep. Wheatley. We discussed additional ways to partner, including the possibility of another in district event and an opinion piece. We are also following up with her office on issues of safe firearms storage and education.



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