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Electoral Kickoff 2022

On Monday, August 29, Squirrel Hill Stands kicked off a season of electoral action. Because - to get good gun legislation, we need to elect good gun legislators. Eve Wider kicked off the event with a slide show of the events we have held over the summer. We then heard from Lara Putnam, a noted historian and democracy expert, on the importance of the upcoming November 8 election and some important points about the electorate. Mandy Steele, a gun safety advocate running for election in PA House District 33 talked to us about her race and what she hopes to bring to Harrisburg. Mandy's district is one of the districts it will be essential for gun safety advocates to win if we hope to move gun legislation in the upcoming legislative session. The GREAT NEWS is that due to redistricting, this seat is winnable. Plus it's an open seat (no incumbent), improving our chances further. Dana Kellerman then talked about which races Squirrel Hill Stands will be working on most heavily and shared opportunities to get involved.

The races we are going to be working the hardest on are

  1. Mandy Steele - State House representative candidate in HD-33

  2. Arvin Venkat - State House Representative candidate in HD-30

  3. Chris Deluzio - Candidate for Congress in PA-17

  4. State Senator Lindsey Williams - Running for re-election in SD-38

We have a great group of gun safety advocates to support. So let's get busy.

Hover over the TAKE ACTION button at the top of the page to find out how.



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