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Read our Op Ed in Today's TribLive.

"Ninety-four percent of Americans (including 84-92% of Republicans) support universal background checks. Eighty percent of Americans (including 64-73% of Republicans) support extreme risk orders, so-called “red flag” laws that allow for weapons to be temporarily removed from persons judged, through due process, to be a danger to themselves of others. Nearly 70% of Americans (including 55% of Republicans) support a ban on assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons. Seventy-three percent of Americans (including 60% of Republicans) support banning high-capacity magazines.

There are few if any public policy issues on which Americans so strongly agree. And yet to listen to politicians, making change is impossible. In fact, there are only three groups that overwhelmingly oppose gun safety legislation: legislators, gun manufacturers and their lobby, the NRA.

Gun violence is a complex problem with multiple solutions. Our current approach of avoidance, thoughts and prayers has failed. We call upon our elected representatives to enact a package of legislation which includes universal background checks, red flag laws, a ban on high-capacity magazines and assault weapons, and adequate funding for research. Only then will we begin to halt the carnage that ravaged our community one year ago and continues to destroy so many families."

Read the full Op Ed here.



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