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Squirrel Hill Stands Against Gun Violence meets with State Senator Lindsey Williams (PA SD-38).

Squirrel Hill Stands organized a meeting of constituents with State Senator Lindsey Williams yesterday. We thanked Ms. Williams for her co-sponsorship of SB88 and SB90, the Extreme Risk Order and Universal Background Checks bills. We spent most of the meeting discussing SB292 which provides for extensive background checks (including investigation by the state police) and a permit for ownership or purchase of assault weapons (defined in the bill). Williams is supportive on the issue but not ready to put her name on a bill.

She is concerned that most of the phone calls she is getting are OPPOSED to extreme risk orders (ERPOSs, red flag laws) and limits on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. THAT IS ON US.

If Lindsey Williams is YOUR state senator - PLEASE call her office (or better yet, stop by) and let her know you support ERPOS and at the very least limits on assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

Senator Lindsey Williams

5000 McKnight Road

Suite 405

Pittsburgh, PA 15237

(412) 364-0469

(717) 787-6538

FAX: (412) 364-0928

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