Squirrel Hill Stands Meets with Senator Pat Toomey

On Monday, October 21 members of Squirrel Hill Stands Against Violence met with Senator Pat Toomey. Unfortunately, Senator Toomey is not supporting universal background checks and has no plans to do so. He appeared unmoved by the appeals of survivors of the Tree of Life shooting. While the senator states that he supports closing the 'gun show loophole' for background checks, he has not introduced legislation to do so. He also stated his belief that assault weapons differ from other weapons largely on cosmetic grounds. Tree of Life survivor Dan Leger vehemently disagreed. Senator Toomey

left the door open to further meetings and we intend to keep pushing but he needs to hear from you. Please call Senator Toomey's office, tell him you want universal background checks and that gun safety is the issue you vote on. 

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