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Squirrel Hill Stands Hosts: The Challenge of Passing Gun Safety Legislation

Thanks to all who came out to join us on Wednesday. We hosted State Representative Arvind Venkat and Moms Demand Action state legislative lead, Hadley Haas for a program focusing on the Common Agenda to end gun violence. These four extremely important bills have made it through the state house Judiciary Committee and second passage (where amendments are added) and will be up for FINAL PASSAGE in the state house at the end of the month. The bills are:

HB 338 - Mandatory reporting of lost & stolen guns

HB 714 - Universal background checks for all firearms purchases

HB 731 - Safe storage of firearms

HB 1018 - Establishing extreme risk protection orders (red flag laws)

We rolled out our action plan for moving these bills forward. To participate by calling your legislator or phone banking to constituents of on the fence legislators, click here. To help by writing a letter to the editor, click here.

You can also help out by sharing the media coverage from the event. See below. And keep scrolling down for event photos.

The Challenges of Passing Gun Safety Legislation w/ Rep. Arvind Venkat May 10, 2023



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