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Where do we go from here? Reflections on the Election.

After what felt like the longest Tuesday in recorded history, we now know that we have elected the STRONGEST GUN SAFETY CANDIDATE EVER to the White House. Joe Biden has been a gun safety advocate for decades, led President Obama's task force after the Sandy Hook massacre, and ran on a strong gun safety platform. We welcome an ally in the White House. Unfortunately, we still face the potential for an obstructionist Senate. We do however have one more opportunity. Both Georgia Senate races go to runoff elections on January 5, 2021. That is one last chance to gain a gun safety majority in both houses of Congress. We intend to help and are waiting to hear back from allies on the ground in Georgia about how we can most effectively do so. Please stay tuned and check our 'take action' tab regularly.

While the news for the White House is fantastic, gun safety advocates lost ground in the Pennsylvania legislature. While we have an ally in Governor Wolf, gun safety opponents hold both the State House and State Senate. We are currently consulting with other gun safety advocates and planning a course forward.



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