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GREAT NEWS! House Passes Background Check Expansion bills

Earlier today, the House of Representatives passed two important gun safety bills. HR8, the Background Checks Expansion Bill, if enacted into law, will require a background check for all firearm sales, including private, internet, and gun show sales.

HR1446, the Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2021 also passed the House. This bill (if enacted) will close the 'Charleston loophole', extending the period of time that law enforcement has to compete a background check from 3 days to 20 days. Currently, if a background check is not completed within 72 hours, the sale can go through. This is how the killer in the massacre at the Mother Emanuel AME Church was able to 'legally' acquire his weapons and murder 9 people. The vast majority of background checks are completed in under 5 minutes. Very few potential gun buyers who are eligible to purchase a gun legally will be inconvenienced while lives will be saved.

Both bills face steep opposition in the Senate. Check out the 'take action' tab on our website to learn how you can help.

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